What is Bluetooth technology and know more about it?

Bluetooth technology is a sort of the technology that eliminates the requirement for the amount of devices and wires which are utilized to connect new appliances, cellular phones, digital cameras, hand held devices and the computers. Bluetooth enables the consumers to connect without wires easily, to a selection of computing and telecommunication devices. It makes ad hoc Automatic unconscious connections between two or more devices that are digital, connections. Bluetooth provides the opportunity of working with the data. Bluetooth makes communication between the two devices in a localized area of an area of home or workplace. Bluetooth technology instantaneous and uses connections between the apparatus and invisible and connections.


By Bluetooth Technology your notebook can send a printer on your room that is next print request. Bluetooth is really a standard for wireless communication between the devices in a relatively small area and it is therefore works fine in the private area network pan using radio frequency. Any two devices that Adhere to the Bluetooth standard can communicate with one another. Lots of the devices such as cell phone digital camera and computer can form a network. You may send mails to your phones without any connect between your cellular phones and your notebook.

Features of Bluetooth technology


  • Bluetooth technology Uses radio waves for communication in 2.4 GHz
  • It supports multi Point communication point to point.
  • Bluetooth works in an Area of 10-15 meters.
  • Bluetooth offers Rate of 1-2 mbps.
  • Bluetooth chipsets Are costly though more costly.

Bluetooth is a high Speed wireless link. It is intended to connect hand held devices, the phones, laptops and equipments with no work by the end users. Unlike infrared Bluetooth does not require line of sight between the units that are linking. Technology is a variant of the wireless LAN technology that is present and it is low price and more acceptable because of its small size. The current circuits are contained on a circuit board of 0.9 cm square and a much smaller single processor version is in development and soon it will be in use. This Bluetooth device’s expense is expected to drop. Chip needs to be outfitted in devices. In the devices transceivers are placed in Bluetooth technology. The radio waves run at 2.45 GHZ band on the Bluetooth devices. Bluetooth supports the data rate up to 3 voice channels and 721 Kbps. The Bluetooth chip can be built into the apparatus or it can be uses as an adapter. With the port it can be used in computer. Each Bluetooth device has a 48 bit address from the IEEE 802 standards and the Bluetooth connections may be either point to point or point. Range is 10 meter by increasing the power, but it may be extended up to 100 meters.