About Winston engineering

Winston engineering strengthen the pump engineering industry in Singapore. It is specialized in developing and manufacturing systems that utilize the power of a vehicle’s engine to drive auxiliary equipment, delivering compressed air electric and hydraulic power as well as high pressure water. Over the years it hold ourselves to the highest standards of service with a clearly defined set of core values: respect, empathy, performance, integrity, and teamwork. they  are determined to deliver unbeatable services with confidence and pride. they are also certified with UKAS.

Our goods

From water pumps, diaphragm pumps and pneumatic pumps the extensive inventory in marine pump singapore caters solutions for all your industrial, commercial, and domestic needs. they  specialize in the designing and manufacturing of pumps that are extensively used in marine, oil, and gas industries in Singapore and internationally. some of the marine and offshore pumps that have manufactured include centrifugal pumps, vacuum pumps, diaphragm pumps and more.

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Industrial marine pumps

Winston engineering is a reliable pump supplier who has built a strong reputation for engineering industry-leading marine pumps throughout Singapore and APAC for clients who seek for pumping solutions of varying sizes and scopes at reliable and cost effective.

The  team of highly skilled engineers utilize their specialized knowledge to offer the best services to you. Winston engineering plays an important role in oil and gas industry too. Winston engineering tailors unique pumping solutions are relied upon by the biggest companies locally and internationally.

Winston engineering takes pride in revolutionizing pump system engineering in Singapore. From supplying and servicing to testing, you can trust in the ability to deliver and achieve unrivalled results in improving your operations for the better.

Featured partners

The partners from the public and private sectors are supporting our goals: to achieve lasting positive change in pump industries by improving the quality, availability, and technology.