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A house isn’t just an enclosed space made up of walls to abode a family, it is the manifestation of the ‘self’ of the individuals of a family. One such choice to be made is selecting nippon painting services singapore for the house

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A countertop is a flat, horizontal area in the kitchen, with cabinet below it to store utensils and other cooking ingredients. A countertop can be made up of a variety of materials and the most common of them are –

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  • Wood – Wood has been since ages used as countertops in the kitchens around the world. The prime advantage of wood is that it is easy to construct, install and remove (if needed) and its lightweight minimizes the need of building thick support for it, which saves on material and hence cost. Most wooden countertops are not fixed to the ground as and they can be moved around easily due to their lightweight.
  • Natural stones – Sometimes stones like granite, limestone, marble, slate or quartz are used to construct countertops. Such countertops are very heavy and thus are fixed to their support and cannot be moved around (the support themselves have to be thick).

Metals like Stainless steel, copper, zinc or aluminum may be used to make countertops. Such countertops are fairly heavy but can be moved around. The biggest advantage of such countertops is that they do not crack or break upon being used for a long period of time ( they bend or dent instead, which can be fixed).