Some New Information About Vannamei Prawns Singapore

Tiger Prawns and White Leg Shrimp are indeed the two most common species of farmed prawns found in stores. In reality, the White Leg Shrimp, or Litopenaeus vannamei, is by far the most cultivated species in the world and is the prawn you’d most likely eat if you dine out. They became the generic prawn. It may well be that the prawn utilised in your next prawn dumplings is an L. vannamei. Sometimes you’ll see them marked “vannamei” at shops. They are commonly referred to as grey prawns.

A higher-quality L. vannamei is available at wet markets. They are referred to as (lit – living prawns). The benefit of all these live prawns was that they have been extremely tasty due to their freshness.  The consistency of the prawn is good and springy, but not as much as Ang Kah. They appear to have an almost crunchy texture when eaten in Har Kow.

What Is The Significant Advantage Of Vannamei Prawn Singapore?

One of the most significant advantages of Vannamei prawn Singapore (and many other prawns from the night market) is that no preservatives are added to them. Bisulphites, preservation, may be added to supermarket varieties to stop them from turning black too rapidly. Always ask your fishmongers at wet markets if such prawns have been treated with chemicals. Most of them, who take pride in providing fresh seafood, would inform you that their prawns are free of chemicals. If you think you’re allergic to prawns, it’s possible that you’re sensitive to the bisulphite, not the shrimp.