Top Three Reddit Penny Stocks to Look Out for in 2021

Most investors don’t want to block their money in long-term assets and investments. Instead, they prefer to invest the money in penny stocks and earn higher profit in a short span of time.

These are low-cost stocks. However, these stocks are highly volatile. The price can fluctuate drastically, which can be a blessing for some investors as well as a curse for others.

Many risk-averse investors avoid these stocks. However, with proper trading knowledge, you can easily make money with these stocks. The price of these stocks fluctuates due to various factors such as news, rumour, speculation, world events, and the financial performance of the company.

You can use these factors to develop a trading strategy and trade in these stocks. One such popular penny stock is NASDAQ ATOS at You can use the market information to buy and sell this stock at the right time to make a profit.

Top 3 Reddit Penny Stocks to Invest In:

A penny stock is one that has a price less than $5. It is perfect for short term investing. The current pandemic has been one of the major factors which affect the price of penny stocks. Most of the biotech penny stocks like NASDAQ ATOS have seen a price surge at the beginning of the year. Apart from this, there are three other penny stocks that are doing quite well.


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  • Atossa Therapeutics:

It is a biotech company that helps in discovering and developing pharmaceutical drugs and medicines. The stocks of this company are listed as NASDAQ ATOS. With the rise of the pandemic, this stock has seen a price surge over the last few months. They are developing some promising products like Endoxifen. It helps to prevent breast cancer. This drug is in the trial phase. They have also developed another drug called AT-301. It is a nasal spray that helps you to treat the covid-19 infection. Because of the development of these drugs, the stock value has increased by 175% in 2021. It is a decent penny stock to invest your money in.

  • Phio Pharmaceuticals Corp.:

This penny stock is currently performing quite well in the market. It is another biotech stock. They develop immune-oncology products. It helps to treat tumours. With successful clinical trials, the stock price of this company has increased.

  • BIOLASE Inc.:

It is another biotech penny stock in which you can invest your money. They develop laser systems. It is used in dental treatments. With this system, dentists can easily treat patients without any pain. The price of the stock has reached $0.20 to $1.20 in just a few months. Before investing, you can check other stock such as nyse nio at